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Garage Door Springs
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At Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates we go all out with our complete package of garage door services. We specialize in garage door springs and our expert techs have the skills and experience required to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our techs keep a huge choice of garage door springs in their trucks including the torsion coil trampoline springs and extension spring garage door springs as well. Our focus is on genuine customer service that is delivers exceptional results in quick time. Hoffman Estates Garage Door Repair can provide same day service and emergency garage door service everyday of the week. Our garage door company staff and crew are never satisfied until you are.

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Let us make your day! Let our company inform you that we can help you with all your garage door needs. Our professionals are experts in residential services and specialists in opener maintenance. You can count on us to fix emergency problems in a timely manner, and you can be sure of our efficiency. Allow us to take care of the door and its parts and ensure your safety.

Garage Door Springs Service

Garage Door Springs in IllinoisGarage door springs are a major part of your garage door system. If they stop working; so does your door. It is for this very reason that our Hoffman Estates Garage Door Repair team ensures that their trucks are packed with a vivid choice of garage doors springs. You won’t find a more dedicated overhead garage door springs team in the community. Springs basically come in two types:

*    Oil tempered garage door springs

*    Galvanized garage door torsion springs, or

*    Galvanized garage door extension springs

We help our customers choose between galvanized or oil tempered garage door springs. Galvanized springs look better and are forged in special coating designed to protect and enhance the appeal of the spring. Each spring, whether it is extension springs or torsion springs, must be chosen that will support the exact weight of the customer’s garage door. The Torsion Spring should definitely not be mounted by an amateur. These springs are wound to incredible tension and if they break it can be deadly. The garage doors weight is distributed through the use of the torsion spring that is mounted directly above center to the garage door. The extension springs are mounted in pairs and centered on each side of the garage door. A small door may only need 1 set of garage door springs, while a heavier door may require 4 or more.

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Our garage door repair team in Hoffman Estates can repair or replace your garage door spring. Extension springs should always be replaced in pairs just like your automobile breaks. Garage door springs are not always easy to repair and often need to be replaced. Our team can offer repair or replacement safely. Our techs have been through the process many times and know exactly what to do. Whether you need extension springs repair or torsion springs repair, our techs have got you covered.

Your garage door springs are bound to let you down eventually, but we sell products that are designed to give you the utmost in durability. We offer excellent garage door springs services and other garage door services as well. Garage door repairs are no problem for our experienced team.

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